Intellinetix Vibrating Calf/Shin Wrap

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Intellinetix is the first line of products to combine targeted vibration therapy in a portable device at an affordable cost.

Vibration therapy works in two ways.  First, the gentle vibrations stimulate muscles and ligaments to increase blood circulation.  Second, the vibrations serve as a sensory distraction, disrupting pain signals that are constantly traveling from your body to your brain and replacing them with gentle, massaging sensations.  Best of all, with vibration therapy, there is no feeling of electric shock commonly associated with TENS units.

The Vibrating Calf/Shin Wrap was designed to help with the pain typically associated with Achilles tendonitis, Shin Splints or other calf muscle injuries.  It is a comfortable, rechargeable device with an adjustable insert, providing targeted vibration therapy where you need it most.

Small, vibrating motors contained in the Vibrating Calf/Shin Wrap help boost circulation, increasing blood flow to the tendons and ligaments around the joint, aiding recovery.

To provide the maximal duration of pain relief vibration therapy should be applied for 25-45 minutes.  However, you can turn the vibration on and off at your leisure and comfort with the simple push of a button.  Clinical studies suggest even five minutes of vibration therapy can be as effective as a 15 minute massage.

  • Three distinct levels of vibration offer customized relief.
  • Operates approximately 45 minutes between charges.
  • Universally sized and designed to fit calf/shin.

Wholesale pricing for the Vibrating Calf/Shin Wrap is available to hospitals, surgical centers, and group practices. Contact us for details. As always, enjoy free shipping on web orders over $149.

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