CleanisCareBag® Bedpan Liner

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With Super Absorbent Pad

360 liners per case

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Cleanis CareBag® bedpan liner is the unique combination of a liner with easy closure drawstring ties and an integrated super absorbent GelMax® pad. The pad will turn into gel liquids upon first contact. Once sealed, it significantly reduces the risk of spills, splashes and odors. It also protects the bedpan, avoiding its soiling and contamination related to its handling.


  • Capacity approximately 16 oz or 450 ml of body fluids
  • Avoids bedpan soiling
  • Securely collect, transport and dispose of biological liquids, infectious or not
  • Recommended for nosocomial infections, particularly VRE and C. difficile
  • Time saving compared to manual washing or washing in bedpan washer
  • Facilitates health care or homecare assistant work
  • Provides comfort to the patients and their family
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Neutralizes bad odors
  • Fits over most bedpans

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